Ideas for capture the flag game

Im making a caupture the flag map and I’m out of ideas any cool features or ideas you guys want me to add

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an easter egg of me
very amazing

also random trolls like this

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Well @gim_guy not exactly what I’m looking for but maby

A spider. The stuff of nightmares… Sounds like a good idea, right?

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thats just a game theory!

thanks for watching

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Ooh nice ill consider adding that

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You did it wrong.

How about trying to make little easter eggs of certain things from other maps you might have made.

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Ooh cool idea @Buck ill add some

Here’s a guide I’ve made of a capture the flag

How about some cool features. Also thanks @William

you said of yourself

sprint button


Nice i was thinking about that one earlier I’m definitely adding that @Foxy

You could also try making a secret flag that gives you a weapon when you deliver it to your capture zone.

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secret passages
cool power ups

also @gim_guy


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yes yes we got the chess