Ideas for bugs in a game

I’m making a game where you are playtesting another person’s game for bugs. I need ideas for bugs. (glitches) But the developer is {Something bad, need an idea for an evil character trait.},and one of the NPC’s says this “Listen, the developer is now wh-” Hinting that the developer is {Something bad, need an idea for an evil character trait.}, I need an idea for a glitch that may happen in a quest reavealing an evil thing about the developer.

But, I need that trait.

evil character traits?

Yes, and a bug/glitch that may apear that shows that trait.

here you go

  1. greed
  2. malice
  3. Selfishness
  4. Arrogance
  5. *Dishonesty
  6. *Narcissism
  7. *Inhumanity
  8. Power-hungry

*thanks google

Cool, do you have ideas for any glitches/quests to find?

greed can be connected to money so they have a ton of stolen money?
lie detector for dishonesty? idk

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There is text that’s not supposed to be there hinting at whatever evil character trait(s) he has(but it is kinda small). I also think that you could include more than one evil character trait if you’re stuck between two (or more) evil character traits.

That doesn’t really make sense. I was thinking of something where the dev tries to kill the player, and fails a lot, and then tries to cover it up.

is there anything else you need?

thats just greed, narcissism, and Arrogance combined…

maybe if the player does something difficult or finds something that’s hard to find they unlock a secret bug?
the secret bug could be the player being teleported to a room that’s just this?:
Screenshot 2024-04-20 6.29.57 PM
pure black and pink checkers, nothing else.
(this has actually happened to me before in a different game.)


Yes, I need more ideas for glitches and quests you find.

a sentry factory, and the sentries are being shipped to the start area of the game with OP stats. But there was a glitch and the factory didn’t work anymore, but the sentries are still at the starter area.

How is that a glitch or a quest?

I edited it.

How should they get teleported there? I’m out of ideas.