Ideas for an Mm2 map

Does anyone have any ideas for an Mm2 map?

What is mm2?

Here is a guide on it:

I have seen that, but I need ideas for a map.

Mm2 is a roblox game where there is one murderer, one sheriff, and the rest innocent. The goal is for the sheriff to kill the murderer, for the murderer to kill the innocent, and for the rest to survive.

You mean murder mystery, right?

oooh I didn’t know the acronym I know what it is
Oooooooooh maybe go for either sci fi stuck in the woods(snowed out in a cabin) or stuff like that

Use these guides, they might have some helpful info.

Add lots of secret rooms with secret items!

Yeah and if you want the real thing, look at photos and make the map based off of photos, thats how I make maps that I don’t know anything about.

Could you make a guide on a murder mystery map?

I can yes, but it will take me a few days to do so because I have never played the game only seen it and I have to make the map which will take some time. But yes I can do it for you, if you would like.

OOH do an abandoned gimkit facility.

im makin an escape room maze

You can try making one of the original mm2 maps, with a slight twist to it