Ideas for amongus map tasks

I’m trying to make some interactive tasks for the player that gets them more involved, like wiring.
So far, I have wiring, clear asteriods, make burger, align lasers, clear 02 filter, unclog toilet, and chart course.
So does anyone have any ideas to replicate anymore amongus tasks (doesn’t have to be the base game) Right now, the majority of my tasks are pressing buttons in place, no moving around.

Pack documents, be sus, make a wire repeater, be cool, get 1 million dollars, meet mr.beast, call emergency meeting

Maybe there could be trash littered around (using the different trash props) and you would have to go around and “pick it up” (maybe press a button and it would grant you a plastic bottle), and then recycle all of it in the trash can (using the trash bin prop and a button). Once you recycled all of the trash, you complete the task.

do like, clean up the lab, and you gotta find different chemicals and press enter to put them back

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