Ideas for adventure game?

I’m creating an adventure game taking place in a small village. I need some ideas for NPCs, quests, and buildings. So far, I have a merchant NPC who gives you the quest to bring him a vegetable from the farm. In return, you get some cash. I also have a neighbor NPC who just talks to you I guess.

Does anyone have some suggestions?

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As for your answer, here it is:

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Welcome to the forums, and you could have a quest that has you search for a magical vegetable along with some bounties from the merchant that tell you to go find other vegetables and items.

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You could add an NPC who pays you for every vegetable you bring him, and you could have an NPC who sells weapons like pickaxes that you can use for fighting things like bosses or digging up more vegetables.


Quest Ideas :interrobang: (Wiki)
You could also use some of the ideas on here.

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You could build a shop that sells pickaxes and have to dig your way through the dirt to collect something

Thats does not give ideas effectively

Make it so that you can also buy from him (the merchant), maybe fruits that can heal you with a game overlay button called ‘eat to regain hp’.

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make an NPC that just chats with the player. Wasting their time.

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