Ideas for a scary game

I need ideas for my scary game and I am completely out of ideas please explain well or give a guide

have you tryed looking up scarry things and trying and copying it?

Search is not working for me

ok, what do you think is scary?

@Cgames you could have them go into a zone and get teleported to a place with and they get zapped.

Like monsters graves and stuff in scary movies or games

boom, try and put that in to your game

How about like guides for jumpscares

you should look up, Scary games and movies, and add anything that would scare you and try to add it into your game.

and try and use some from this form Ideas or help to make horror game - #17 by WiggleDJim

it doesn’t work for him

And also there is no health in the game

cool :slight_smile: I have to go now, hope you can figure it out

YES!! also I’ve got to go for a little bit. start your map and show me pictures when I get back of what you have done so far @Cgames

It is already posted and it called new greenville

cool, i’ll see it and come back in say 20-30 mins

could I also have the map’s publishing code?

here’s an idea, when you step in a zone, it shows text at 500 font size, the text is the ghost emoji.

What is a map publishing code

But then how does it go away