Ideas for a map name

Hey, i need name ideas for a murder mistory. I’ll grab 2 suggestions and put it up to a poll (the poll will close in 20 minutes after it’s made)

UPDATE: Since there were so many suggestions, i used a spinner wheel to add 2 suggestions on the poll. Vote until tomorrow at 3. (pm) (est)

Which one should i choose?
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Okay, i’ll admit, i picked more than 2 suggestions

i can give a name but i might need some more info

Detective vs Murderer? Maybe IDK

It’s basically where people survive in a game, but there’s 1 sheriff and 1 murder. The Murder has to knock out all of the survivors (even the sheriff), and the sheriff needs to knock out the murder to make the survivors AND the sheriff win.

okay so i think murder & sheriff showdown

Hunting a hunter : Murder Mystery

Who did It? ig

Death & Deception: A Murder Mystery


Murder at Sunset or Murder at the Coral or A Western Murder or Small Town Murder Mystery


these 4 are good

but this is the best

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Secrets of the Manor

Is a nice name

:sob: ok. not mine i guess

I used to have a horror game similar to this name. I’ll add it, though!

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It’s not that bad


im kidding

i think you messed mine up lol

Come on people secrets of the manor is a true murder mystery like clue its a classic

and it gives you that very independent british feeling
Screenshot 2024-01-25 5.16.04 PM
I feel it deeply inside me

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