Ideas? Any Ideas for QuantumShot Roulette?

Any ideas for my game, QuantumShot Roulette?
This time no one get into anything inappropriate…

Do you already have the mechanics down?

Can you explain what QuantumShot Roulette is? Is it just normal Roulette? Or what?

Have you heard of buckshot roulette?

Nope, so this is clearly my cue to go find something else to help with where I actually know what I’m talking about haha.

Good luck though!

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is this something like russain roulette

It is a roblox game where you have a g u n and there are bullets that can sh oo t and that can’t (I forget what they are called, each round you load your game with a random bullet and guess if it can sh oo t or not.

I don’t believe it was originally from Roblox.
But yes.

@Commando I don’t think you could use the quantum portal since you can’t change the ammo mid-playthrough, but you could 100% use buttons instead.

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You would need to make a randomizer if your playing against a"Computer"

He’s just using the quantum portal as the theme because I sincerely doubt the game would stay up if it were themed around an actual pew pew.


if there this was Russian roulette that would be cool in fact I may have to make that myself

Anyhow, @commando what systems do you need?


If you want to play against a bot I would do something like this:
Continuing the discussion from Rock paper scissors with a bot:

But you would want to make them choose either sh oo t, skip, or sh oot the timer

Game mechanics

Make a randomizer run every round to see if the shot is live or blank.
Use counters for the lives you have

It sounds like you need some advanced code, too much to explain here. You would need a guild to explain it fully.

Also this website is slowing down for me. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Is it PVP or PVE? Are there multiple tables for player to play at?

I think that you can choose to either player with a bot or with a player, IDK

This game is not really appropriate considering that it is a variation of a game combining gambling and su1cide…

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Kinda true. I suggest not doing this game concept in Gimkit.

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I already have mechanics done. @Crimson_Knight