I would like to ask for some more help

is there a way to make it where if you kill everyone in the romm you move on?

By everyone do you mean all enemy players or sentries?


Oh ok. Add a counter(the counter must update a property (mine will be named: players)) to increment when a player enters the zone(use a wire). Then when a player is knocked out(use a knockout manager) decrement the counter(use a wire). Add a trigger and have it be triggered when the property is updated(use channels). Next, and a block code for the trigger so that when triggered… do this(for the blocks):

Finally have the barrier(s)(this should be what keeps the players locked inside of the room) deactivate when it recieves a message from the block code and done. Does this make sense?

thank you so much but i have no idea how to do the coding stuff :sob:

You are not alone on that aspect.

It’s ok, here is a link to a guide all about blocks: An intro to blocks | TUTORIAL | Difficulty: 🟩

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