I wanted to make sure that the broadcast channel it is going to, is the team that will win


what do you mean? If the channel goes to a team, they will win?

So it says BLUESCORE if it goes to the divice or something with that channel name, it should show in the end that that is the team that won. SO in this case, it should show blue team won.

Just end the game and it will have the names of all the players on the winning team.

I am making a king of the hill type thing. I want to check who spent the most time at the hill and display that on end screen in simpler terms

So far, I have it hooked up to counters and then using the code above i check which counter has most and will broadcast that onto a channel

when i do what you said, it will just show this

Make them increment a Counter-Linked Property and put that Property into the Leaderboard.

that didn’t work. It came to the same result.

Never mind i think i figure it out. i’ll use item granters