I want to track players with waypoints

No, if the problem is solved leave it how it is.

Reposting is broken down into re- and -posting.
re- means again
So posting again.

YES, leave the topic open, unless it’s solved.

hmmm, still didnt work, ill leave topic open, ill check back tomorrow

I got u. Tomorrow. Hopefully, I have time.

that’s why I said it might not work: because idk if the relay actually tracks all the players.
just repeat the system for every player in the game ig…

I made a guide for this! Here!


I have done this before. I know how to make it only track one person

I need to get less lazy lol

That will not work. One entity per waypoint.

he said every player needs a waypoint -_-

That will ALSO not work. That puts every waypoint on the same person.


state testing has been k!lling me :sob:


Please do ask this.
Thank you!

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this is very good guide! it works, use it

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