I want to track enemy players

@josh I was wondering if its possible to track all your enemies with a waypoint. i got help from some other people but the closest we came to was the waypoint tracking for only one person and it turns off after you kill the person its tracking even after the respawn

@josh I could really use some help

Use a waypoint with location of player, and with a relay for every other player.

you dont need to ping josh for help only on widely known bugs should you ping him beside if u need help thats what we are here for :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is a bug. Josh said that the waypoint was never intended for use for multiple players.

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thats not what i meant what i meant was that josh shouldent be pinged on unimportant things

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Use a way point and set it to players and it will track the players.

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If the ideas in here don’t work, you could use the relay to make a random player tracked with the waypoint (use a wire repeater loop with a relay attached, then the relay is attached to the waypoint)

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No solution yet tho