I want to make it so when a player has a slingshot they get a damage boost but it goes away when they loose/drop it Pls Help 2

if your wondering didnt i already make a post about this? well the answer only half worked and know its closed

Can you link the original post?

yeah one sec

the problem is i cant get the checker to check over and over

i tried to make the trigger activate when it receives the channel it puts out but it just makes the damages boost go on and of really quickly so half ur shots are normal and half aren’t
Bump cause still not solved

again, @LoneWolf, did @gum1922 allow you to use that for your pfp? that was his art

It is? i didn’t know that i just looked up Gimkit and it showed up

ill ask him

did he post it on something? if he did can u send me a link

I think If you use a checker that checks for the item it will then activate a damage boost could you try that?

i did that problem is i cant make it repeatedly check

What do you mean by that?

nvm mind it works i just forgot to put a channel in :person_facepalming:

wait how is this solved if there is no solution!?

the first guide was the solution i just did it wrong

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You use a infinite trigger or repeater

i did i just forgot to make it so when u die the damage boost ends

so you figured it out then?


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