I Want To Make Hide And Seek But Need Ideas

So I want to make hide and seek, but I want to make mine different from the multiple hide and seek games already on Discovery. I need ideas.
Do you have any?
If you do, comment them.
Try to think outside the box!

Maybe include some sort of portal maze somewhere? like if you step into a certain spot in it it teleports you somewhere.

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do you have any ideas that effect the gameplay itself?
(Though I like That Idea)

Maybe like a tag type of thing, or maybe you can purchase upgrades or teleport places.

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so maybe like power ups that can give advantages to the players depending on what team ur on? like if ur on hiding team you can give a blackout ability and for hunting team a waypoint pointing to a random player for 5 seconds hold on i just had an idea with the tag zone hmmmmmmmm

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Hide and seek tag with a very detailed map with secret exits and lots of teleporters

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ooh yeah like a tag: domination type of thing

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How about a matrix area where everything appears and looks “disoriented”, and the gameplay could be “messed up”

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should I make it so you can tell something has no collision if you look hard enough (no shadows, kind of transparent, etc.)

I was thinking that a good mine themed map would be original

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What props/terrain should I use for a mine map?

Or a pop up that comes up when your close to it

i can make some carts and other props

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that would help

like what if you can tag players nearby and reveal a waypoint to them for 5 seconds?

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That is a good idea!

I have a few…


A car that moves secretly by itself. There are no cars currently as props, I don’t think, so you’ll have to get REALLY creative with it…


A sentry that you can talk to to find the best hiding places. I would make it Stache or an Agent (Vortex or Echo).


Make recurring props (like a barrier or wall) so that people can’t camp somewhere until it’s there time to seek.

These are just a few currently.
I’m sure I’ll come up with like, a hundred more, but that’s what I thought up in two minutes…
Tell me what you think:

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I like the talking to the sentry one!

making a system now my brain might crash a couple times ._.

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just make sure to backup your hard drive .-.