I want to make a lovely town!

I already know how to make the houses, I need ideas of what to put in my town. Help?

i could help u make ur town

what is your game about?

Just a game where you can chill. :slight_smile: maybe stuff like shops?

but i cant help for long bc i have to go to band but after i could help more if u want

ok so add some sentrys. Make then just be there so it seems like there are people in the town

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By the way, welcome. :slight_smile:

also u shop add like maybe a fishing shop to sell fish.

add like a road to follow along the buildings

like you could fish and sell them for money. And maybe add a wepon shop

do you want the town to feel medevil

Yes. @GameCreator1 :slight_smile:

How about:
Town square
Fire station
Cool lampposts


send me the link and i can help u make it maybe add some fruit stands and a blacksmithing shop for shards

you cant send link here

add bushes to the side of them. maybe even add vines. just to bring life

Also don’t forget the trees and the flowers

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only on a padlet, you can use the padlet I moderate, just request access and you can share there https://padlet.com/bluebird291/gimkit-stuff-y5flb9ivfmepe3hz

I know the item already exists but can we make a custom sign post? Any Guide?

i could help make the art if u want