I want a speed decrease mechanic

Ok so I’m sure many of you are familiar with the frostbite map. I was able to change it to frostbite you when you get shot instead of getting tagged. Now I want it to be whenever the frostbite takes your damage it also takes away 0.01*Frostbite# of speed. So it makes you go slower too. Anyone have ideas without making 100 different speed modifiers?

I don’t think you can without speed modifiers

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No, i know i need to use speed modifiers, but each one can only have one speed and i want there to be 200 possible speeds.

You can’t have over 60 speed modifiers

oh. ok that’s good to know.

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Might not be possible currently to use a mechanic to change speed, not set it

I was thinking so too. I might make a bigger decrease, like if you’re lower than 75% health you go to 0.75 speed, 50%=0.50 speed, etc.

Use this:

Thx so much bro. that helps

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