I want 2 thumbnails

I need 2 thumbnails, one for a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets map and one for another Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros.

a knight gim fighting a normal pink gim
pink gim using a quantum portal
knight gim using a pml
I want the background to be an ordinary super smash bros arena
title is Super Gim Bros. Ultimate 2

Harry Potter

title- Gim Potter and the Chamber of Myteries
any gims that look like someone from Harry potter
both gims fighting with wands
background- the chamber of secrets


btw ik that @GimNo0b is a Harry Potter nerd, so if you want to help you can!

I don’t care if its hand-drawn or photoshop
if there are any other details I missed ask me or just add something
I may have suggestions on the thumbnail
pls have it by Monday but if thats not possible for u get it done asap pls!
thx for your help!!!


What’s the title of the Harry Potter one?

its called
Gim Potter and the Chamber of Mysteries

I’m pretty sure that harry potter and SSBU are copyrighted therefore you are not permitted use of the actual name so you have to create a parody of the game name like Super Smash Gims

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if so could I do “Gim Potter and the Chamber of Mysteries” for the Harry Potter one???

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Alright I’ll get to work but @HP7divergent46THG12 don’t summon artists next time:


oh ok I didn’t know that
should I edit the post then

Yeah you probably should edit the summoning artist part out

hey can I try to help!!!:slight_smile:

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can I help?

I have a couple things I need you to do before you say yes.
I don’t like making a thumbnail for no reason so… I ask you to look at the bottom of my bio to see my previous works

and also could you give me some information like
what gims you want
and other information

yes; anyone can help!

I like your previous works, but I will do a poll if there are multiple thumbnails, so I cant promise it will win.

I put the info in the original post

thx for ur help!

I got it for right now, but tell me if u need any thing else on it:)


change the font pls to a differnt color and the font Bangers
add a Gim that looks like Voldemort if u can
pls change the title to the one in the original post
and pls change the background to the chamber of secrets

thx for your help!! I’m sorry if this may seem annoying but I’m kind of a picky person

I will do this when I have the time. thanks for the info on it :slight_smile:

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thanks for letting me know that! I cant wait to see it!

I’ll ty to make one! :slight_smile:

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Same! I’ll attempt the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets one.

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I got it :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see the game!!!

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i’ll do the smash bro.s one (later)

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I can do both if I have the time!

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