I wanna make blade ball

Blade ball is a game where a ball flys towards a random player then they have to deflect it if they dont they get eliminated if the do reflect it it will got to another random player

So what do you need help with?

Making it The game i just described

Do you have any problems your stuck on?Have you even started making the game or are you just asking for ideas before you make the game?

What part specifically do you need help with because we can just make the entire game for you, your also going to have to come up with your own ideas.

im going to be honest this is going to be very hard

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i just need help making the thing i said

So basically the entire game?

Pretty much lol


Pickaxes + Blastball


Blaster + Blastball


The real difficulty is having a player dle if touched by the blastball.

Question how do you make the ball go towards someone :scream:

Question how do you make the ball go towards someone :scream:

We just said Blastball + Blaster and Pickaxe + Blastball.

You just need to have good aim.

NOOOO like the ball goes towards someone

You just need good aim.

Like without blasting it

i can tell you have never played blade ball