I wanna know how to use this device properly

So, the property device I seen in many complicated builds, and it seems like its one of the most useful devices in the game, being the reason that some mechanisms even exist in GKC. I wanna learn how I can use it. Anyone care to explain?

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It works with values. Typically with block code.

Dang, I’m a bit stumped every time I use block code, but I’ll give it a try! Because I wanna learn how to make better maps.

It’s a device that can store values like Text, Numbers and true/false values.

Properties? Ok…

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Same here, I am a device tester though, but I don’t use blocks in any of my games, Also, @WhereIsMyHat, do you care to elaborate on what block cods are?

Block code is when you click on a device, and sometimes on the top left corner, it has blocks. definitely levels up your game if used.

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Are we literally copying posts?


haha lol

You can also change the values through blockcode and run channels when the property is a equal to a certain value or not.


I think I’ll try going through some guides and try learning on how the property device is used. If not, then I’ll maybe look through some guides, but then I always get confused reading them. So, I’ll report back tomorrow for my results.

Basically properties store data that you need, and they can be used for virtually anything.

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Properties, Counters and Triggers.

One of the three best devices in Gimkit Creative and you’ll see it be used in lots of advanced projects

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Technical gimkit is more based around weird interactions.

properties are just things that can be measured
like say there’s a property called “wood” there is no item for wood in the game
but you can make it to where you can “collect” wood using properties

idk somebody might have already said that
so you can use properties with counters and the bock code and stuff
I have no idea why I’m posting this

that’s actually useful. thanks for the explanation!

You’re talking to me?
Thx I though I didn’t get what you were asking, but apparently I did sort of.

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Yea, right after I kind of somewhat learned, so thanks.

Gonna close so less clutter.

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