I Wanna Be The Gim

So, I want to discuss a certain topic with y’all. I wanna be the guy, in gimkit. Do you think this is possible? What to add? Any ideas, if so let me know. I wanna try and make it. (I have to wait tho for moving blocks to come out and creative platforming) I do intend on adding more to this, just so you know.

You wanna be “the guy” in Gimkit?

no no, as in the game. here, read this: I Wanna Be the Guy - Wikipedia

I’m not sure if it’s entirely possible, as it will take up lots of memory. But for the traps, I would recommend using barriers since you can’t animate terrain. Also remember that you need to use sentries for the boss fights, but that’s all that I remember.

Again, as said, I’m waiting for moving blocks and creative platforming to come out.

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Until moving platforms come out, there is no reliable way to have moving platforms, besides prop animations. Problem, it’s choppy, and if you aren’t precise, you will just clip through the moving platform.

yeah, like @unavailible said, this is possible, but that doesnt mean itll look good or be easy. the hard part would be the terrain, everytime it would try to k/ll you it would need a animation. gimkit animation a pain to make. however, if youre willing to do that, i say go for it!
(i also cough wanna see someone make this. cough cough.)

I had a similar idea yesterday, lasers that come on when you enter zones, but
I don’t have season ticket I’m too poor so you do it I can provide some ideas

what are moving platforms?

Platforms that move lol

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but like, are they barriers or blocks or are they a different device?

That was the idea from this post: How do you make a good moving platform?
(Nobody knows, the question is why this post exists)


You make lots of squareish barriers that are invisible and have collision. Activate and deactivate them and then make visible, larger barriers that don’t have collision.

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@unavailible @speedy_kd4 @wait.what.626Youtube @getrithekd
as I said in the first post, I am currently waiting for moving blocks to come out to start on this. I was just asking how you guys thought this would look.
the reason this post exists mainly to see how you guys thought this would look, plus the things in the first post.

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