I think my trigger isn't triggering

I want everyone on team 2 to gain health equal to 200 times the number of players on team 1 on recieving a signal from a channel.
Here is what is supposed to happen: At the start of the game, the relay tells the counter the player count of the specific team, the counter records that. When the event happens, the trigger will loop with the wire repeater, decrementing the counter and granting 200 health to team 2. When the counter reaches it’s target of 0, it will deactivate the trigger and therefore stop granting health. Nothing has any delay.
What actually happens: players are counted, trigger is not deactivated, but no health is granted upon recieving the event.
Screenshot 2024-01-03 12.27.52 PM

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Well is anything triggering the relay? What is the target on the counter?

Why do you need to decrement the counter? From what I’m seeing, the triggerloop is overkill.

If its 0 what is the counters point? It serves no function if its at 0.

add a lifecycle or it won’t trigger

the first relay is for counting players, and it is connected via channel to a lifecycle

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So, you are just trying to grant everyone on team 2 200 HP, right?

if the counter starts at 0 it could be deactivating the trigger on game start

Let me test if this can actually happen.

Edit: it doesn’t.


Then, you could do lifecycle → relay (team 2) → HP granter (200). I don’t think you need the number of people on team 2 when you can easily grant the HP to all of them with one device.

Because the counter starts on 0 and the target is zero the trigger cannot trigger through channels
I just tested this


Change the relay from team 2 to team 1 then.

i’m trying to scale one player (with 5000 max hp) to fight everyone else.

You might want to check the amoungus and batle royale tags then.

is it turned on? or set for game start?