I spawn at a place that's not a spawn pad. Is that a bug? [NOT A BUG]

I spawn at a place that’s not a spawn pad. Is that a bug?

what are the settings for your spawn pad?

What’s your memory usage at? Can you take a screenshot of where the spawnpad is, and its settings?

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R U in editing mode?

Unless if you got knocked out and you made it so you spawn into a different place, yes, it is a bug.

Is this a reoccurring issue? Have you tried refreshing?

No, I was testing it.

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can you send us the spawn pad settings?

Maybe you’re not on Team 1? Make sure that you are on team 1.

Team 2 spawns at another spawn pad.

How many players are playing in your game?

Wait, make sure in map settings that there are 2 teams.
Click on the :gear: button on the bottom left of your screen. Click map option and go to teams.

  1. 1 of the 3 people always spawn at a place that’s not a spawn pad.

How many teams are there? How many spawn pads are there?

I’ll try, and test it again.

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It works now! Thank you!

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