I Require a bit of Assistance Please

i need help with a system that has so that once you expire you go into spectator mode and when you get revived you respawn at a shrine somewhere on the map

You can’t switch people back from spectator at this point in time

you cant?

@Morepeko8 you’re back in thingy but next offense and you’re out again

huh? Wdym? I wasnt on thingy this intire day…?
@Cellofive what happend??? Offence? Huh??? I swear I wasn’t on padlet OR the fourms this intire day!!! WHAT HAPPEND???
@Morepeko8 y’know the shipping padlet?
Well you were involved in that
whats the password to the ship padlet? i needa use evee to ban it?
It’s lmao-_- @Morepeko8

just put the player into a room they can’t escape and then switch them back at a specific time.

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could there possibly be a way for the dead player to be able to move around the map without interaction?

you can bring everybody from spectator back at once.

You need a Relay that relays on a specific team (spectators) starts the relay on a channel and wires (or channels) out to a Team Switcher. this method only works on cooperative maps

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lifecycle (player knocked out) connected to all interactive things through wires. the wires will disable the interactive things.

make sure to set the scope to “player”

for what…

so it doesn’t deactivate for everybody (how did you get under 20 characters in a post?!)

characters: use ONLY lowercase letters inside these <>

scope to player but for what device?

buttons and vending machines and stuff like that. zones don’t have a scope feature.

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I don’t think there’s a spectator option in a relay…



I just checked, oh well :melting_face:

actually both upper and lower case work inside of these <>


now back on topic because i dont feel like getting flag spammed again

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Hopefully, there will be invisbits in the future

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OMG yes invisabits would be so useful for this!!