I really need playtesting

My game is so close to being finished. But, I’m super unsure about balancing. Since a game only gets one shot at a first impression, I want it to be perfect on release. My type of game is super hard to balance (being a one vs. many type game) and it would sure be a shame if one side won every time or if one weapon was super OP. Where could I find a relatively large playtesting group? (6 - 20 players). Man, sometimes I wish I had friends.

I’m sorry to tell you that codes aren;t allowed, but there’s padlets, wixs, and canvas.

ok ill help

I know that quite well.


Use those! : )

post here https://padlet.com/LeoTheLion/gimkit-codes-qgsrqviw8pefo2me

Just making sure, but I’d be glad to see pictures and base my opinons off of them.

here ya go :smiley:

I tried that. No one joined.

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https://padlet.com/LeoTheLion/gimkit-codes-qgsrqviw8pefo2me post here ill jo.in

Well I don’t know what to tell you…….

Maybe when you attempt to look around on certain times on the padlet to see when people last posted in that topic. Then you can ask if anyone on there can playtest.

Hey can someone start thee Gimkit that we’re on?

posting a code through Padlet like that isn’t any different than posting it here

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Dagnabbit. Fine I’ll take it down.
Oh wait I can’t do that. Go ahead then.

So… you can’t posts codes on padlet?

I think it’s that you can’t post a link to a padlet with codes.

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yes you can

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wrong padlet is ok

you can but you can’t make a topic just to make people j0in
@Edwards read