I really need ideas for a new gimkit creative map

I’ve looked at many other posts but I still can’t find ideas that I like. (Btw I just joined like 5 minutes ago)

Have you looked at this


Welcome to the forums, @ASTRAL_G0D912

Well to be fair, that guide needs to be updated…

It has a ton of ideas it has 48 ideas

Yea, but half of them are the oringinals

Yeah, I’ve seen the guide lots of times. (no offense @Cellofive )

Do you want some ideas that are moderately hard or very hard, or easy?

Oh yeah and welcome @ASTRAL_G0D912
You might wanna read this to make sure your doing what your suppose to do: https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq
But here are ideas I have:
One way out 4
Last one standing
Hide and Seek
Among us
Clash Royal
Brawl Stars

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I wanted to make something that few people have done before, but would still be fairly easy since I’m still not very good with the devices in Gimkit Creative

walcome @ASTRAL_G0D912

I kind of like the idea of a clash royal game. I’ve already done a tycoon(in progress) and a hide and seek(also in progress) so that sounds nice.

Thanks @THEHACKER120. Thanks to everybody for being so nice to me on my first forum


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