I put in a code but it doesn't work

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So this is the code I put in. However, it ends up randomizing which channel it goes to. I incremented the property 6 counter but it randomized and opened the wrong channel. I think it did channel one instead of 3.


What are all of your property settings?

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they represent each counter

I checked everything and i dont see a single flaw.

No, like what number are they all set to?

wdym? Can you rephrase?

Like, is the property 4 set to the integer 1, the integer 2, the integer 3…

IM basically making a voting system with four options. Map 1-3 and random. They will open a seperate barrier based on the map picked. However, it ends up randomizing everything.

Oh. I have a system like this for two options. Let me see if I can glean anything off of it.

when property four is greater then all brodcast on channel 1 5 to 2 and 6 to 3

You might want to try using a variation of one of the amoung us voting guides.

they are not the type of voting im looking for.

Im not looking to kick the player out, I want to open a barrier based on the channel

I am looking to use this code but it seems gimkit is bugged. It doesn’t do what the code says. It goes straight to the else statement.

Can someone help me out

This makes so little sense to me [despite some blocks knowledge] that I would recommend starting over with a simpler system.

could you reccomend me something?

could you reccomend something simpler.

That’s why I said a variation of the amoung us voting. You only need a fixed amount of choices, and instead of kicking someone out, you open a barrier.

Can you give the link to one of them you find simple? I have to make two of these sytems so