I Phased Through a Wall

The dark metallic terrain is wall terrain. I just kind of went into it and then through it. I don’t even know how this happened, but I guess I phased through a wall.

Also, there were barriers, so I ran through 2 layers of walls.

Edit: I think it’s if you put on a sudden burst of speed and run into a wall.


Just did it again…

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Uh, is that a death room or something?


I think it’s when you put on a sudden burst of speed and then run into a wall.

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And yes, this was an “experiment”.

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oh my god im so bad at spelling i didnt even realize it was “phased” instead of “fazed” :skull:


There is also a glitch I’ve noticed where if you place a teleporter next to a wall and teleport to the teleporter while moving, you continue moving and go through the wall.


Well, at least you phased through the wall since I’m pretty sure you would have died if you hadn’t done that…that really does look like a death room 0 - 0

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Anyone know what happened?

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Does this bug still happen?

I think that you went too fast with your sudden burst of speed and the game didn’t realize that there was a wall before you went through it.

This happened to me when I didn’t have a spawn pad and i was in a wall in editing mode (keep in mind collision is off)
And when i started the game i spawned in the wall where i was in editing mode.

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