I need to understand this. (spawning)

So, I was working on my map and trying to switch up the spawn points, but I ran into some trouble and now I’m kinda stuck on what to do… :skull:


I want this to be the spawn when you enter the computer game.

Starting spawn/ lobby:

(My irl computer is kind of laggy rn so if i uploaded the wrong file please tell me)

What do you need help with? I am rather confused.

you don’t need to put dumb in your title, your not dumb you just don’t understand it.

I don’t know what to put in the title

i changed it for you.

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Changing the spawn.

{random text}

I think you should use checkpoints

I tried it kind of… crashed the game.

The checkpoint device, it can change the spawn point of the player to where you triggered it once you die.

you can say your text in the symbols <> and it will have it instead of saying


I tried, it crashed even after restarting

How wait what do you mean??

I found a solution ty for the help tho


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