I need to make a new map

  • escape game
  • Battle Royale
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I’ll be checking it tomorrow

Escape looks like its winning! I suggest having minigames and once you complete them you move on to the next minigame. such as a test chamber, trick or treating, or lazer maze!

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Maybe also add a room with sentries then a pit of doom where the whole room is floor terrian but if you step on a certain terrian piece you respawn! For the second part that I mentioned put a zone over the terrian piece that will make you respawn and wire the zone to a respawn. Player enters zone → respawn.

A trigger would work better than a zone in that case.

I see the ideas tag some I’m adding a link to this.

I suggest escape game! Battle royale is too complex for some people,too many steps>

For me it’s the opposite.
To build a basic battle royale game, it’s quite easy, although you can add more harder mechanics for players to have a better experience.
(Applies for all games, except for project-ones like Graphing Calculators and Calculators)

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I haven’t made a battle royale game before

Please remember to mark a solution!

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escape game win ok time to go to work

Dang it! I was hoping to vote for Battle Royale. But I would get outvoted anyways…

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it ok bro I’m starting to build it

in progress and solution


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