I Need To Make A Game Overlay That Changes Content Every 2.5 Seconds

I Need To Make A Game Overlay That Changes Content Every 2.5 Seconds

I tried repeaters, wire repeaters, and lots of wiring. And it still doesn’t work.
Its been over a hour…

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maybe make multiple game overlays

like maybe:
place 1st game overlay and wire it to lifecycle so when game starts, lifecylce activates overlay
place 2nd game overlay, a repeater, and wire so that lifecycle activates repeater, which then activates the 2nd game overlay (after 2.5 sec) and so on

what are you trying to use this for?

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Or you could place two triggers and a lifecycle. The lifecycle activates the pop-up but it is also connected to a trigger device with a 2.5 second delay. Then that trigger is connected to both the other pop-up and the other trigger which also has a 2.5 second delay. Connect that one to the first pop-up and trigger device.

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I tried that, and I’m using it for a way to see your role, and see how much cash you have. (Its for a roblox piggy like game mode

Again, I’ve the same but with wire repeaters doesn’t work.

Try using a wire repeater clock to constantly activate and deactivate the overlays.

Sorry, I just saw your post.

thats okay,

Here is a picture of my thing doesn’t work btw

How it works:
a repeater with a 2.5 second delay, and 5 second delay, will “flick” the overlays over and over again.

You said you tried a wire repeater clock, right, where you plug both repeaters into each other?

Here how it worked:
A pulse is sent to a wire repeater, which turns on the over lay and sends a pulse to other the wire repeater, which does the same thing.

It looked it a yin yan

Did you turn off the other overlays when alternating?

No, they usually over ride each other and I’ve tested it. Priority goes to the most recent overlay.

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