I need to learn GKC code

I am very behind in the coding section of GKC and would like to learn it so i can be more helpful and educated, I am already one or the best designer on the forum and would be even better with code.Can some one help me learn or teach me how to use GKC code?

Best Regards,

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I wish you luck my friend!
Also I tought myself by just trying to make a game and anything i didnt understand i would look at a guide until i understood generally how those mechanics worked so i could use them in my own things.


Ok thanks, i would try teaching my self but I am a self tought designer and trying to combine all of my marketing knowledge which is my im a good designer, with code, it makes it a bit hard to learn by my self.


Like I said, if you want to learn code because YOU want to improve at helping, that’s fine! If you’re trying to learn code to try to be a “good” helper, remember that GKC is more than the block menu. There are some guides about the interface, so make sure to look those up!

hey sorry i don’t know coding i have @getrithekd and @Blackhole927 help

I’m not a good teacher. Black hole might be better.

I’m worse.

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Maybe ask @mysz or @ClicClac.

If you want to learn coding, you could start by learning how to use scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu.


WHOA WHOA WHOA NOT ME NOT ME I GOOD @WolfTechnology need it not me.

Scratch doesn’t really teach you, it just throw you into the world of unknown. I learned through my school how to block code, but the hard real programming languages are best learned(for me) in sololearn.

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Yeah i just want guides on how to make code.

Scratch gets you to understand the basics of coding, and begins to teach you how to solve problems, which is the biggest part of being a programmer. It’s also simple, but you can do a lot with it, so it’s a good starting place to learn how to code things. After that I recommend learning python or something.

I’m not the best person to advise on this- the way I learn how to code things is by going “I want to make a thing”, then researching how to make that thing and learning things along the way.

The TUG and essence of block code have some information on it and I am working to finish the TUG. This guide:

shows the basics to block coding.

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I learned a small bit of python, i just want to know gimkit devices function, and basic block.

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Most the blocks do what they say they do; the addition block adds to numbers, the set property block sets the value of a property, etc.
And if you have any specific questions about blocks… this is a help forum for a reason :slight_smile:

True, searching stuff up takes up a large percent of your time learning to code, and problem solving constantly happens. Scratch is good, even though vex code seems to be better, teaching wise and code.org is pretty good.

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i have vex code as a stared page and i know how to use code.org, i thought gimkit code was different. So i guess its not as hard as i thought, well thanks for yalls help.

Gimkit code is just learning what the blocks do, and applying programming problem solving to make things work.

Alright, ill tinker around with it, thanks.