I need to know how those pop ups happen when you walk into a room

but I want it to cover the whole screen

What do you mean cover the entire screen?

the pop up cover the screen not just the corner

Use the popup device.

curranty from what i know it can take the bottom or the middle of the screen but not the entire screen

he wants the pop up to cover the whole screen

That technically covers the whole screen, but it seems like that’s the device they want.

I saw someone play a creative map that had a pop up cover the whole screen

well most of it I guess I want it in the middle

These were the options of the pop-up for how it appears on the screen.

Just wire a regular popup to a zone

Use the popup device if you want something like this

you have a popup and have its style to be “mordal” (I think thats the word)

yes but I need it to happen when I walk into a room

Make a zone open the popup.

Wire it to a zone

have a zone (zone)—>when player enters zone---->trigger popup.

ok how do I make it to where there are opions like when it pops up you can repliy back

what he said.

Call to action