I need to know best spots to hide a key on these maps

second picture: maybe make it so you can use the tractor to mow down the corn, then after a specific piece of corn is mowed down, a key is in it. (use animation)

First picture: You need to use the boats to try to find the key, maybe fishing? there can also be invisible path ways only for someone on a boat. So then they can move around, and it can show a boat. Use coordinate system maybe, actually just use a zone. (many)

sounds like it’s gonna take me another 2 weeks to publish

do u know if there’s a way to make the tractor move and when the tractor runs the corn over, the corn disappears?

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Yeah, you can make it so they can choose where the tractor goes, then it teleports to the corn. Then a button can say, mow corn? and when it does that, it can do exit tractor. Then it can do enter tractor? and move it to the next section of the corn.

I don’t have exact instructions, so you might need to ask someone else for more information and guidance.