I need to disable spawn pads [Resolved]

I am making a keep away map, and there are 2 maps and 1 gets randomly chosen. But I need T Change The spawn pads so it works. Checkpoints don’t work, because you can’t change the team that can do it and relays don’t work either.

You can’t activate and deactivate spawn pads. But you can change the player’s team so they spawn in a spawn pad for a different team.


set the team to an unsued team like 60

So let’s say 1 map has a team 1 and 2 spawn pad and the other has 3 and 4. you enable/disable team switcher systems instead of spawn pads

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yes i was thinking the same thing

That just makes them useless


Just use a teleporter

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You can use checkpoints instead.

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You’ve seen my map, and changing it to that will be very very very complicated.

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No you can use scope to set the checkpoints.

There’s no scope setting

No use relays.

But what if a player runs over it or something?

I tried already, but I will try again

I think there’s a setting for that somewhere. Idk. You could always make a spawn like in tag domination where you can’t go back in.

It only has 5 settings. Also, the spawns are all over the middle of the map.

Then use a lifecycle and teleporter.

Then they will have no spawn point when they get out