I need tips on how to make a defuse the bomb game mode

i need tips and ways to make a bomb and a way to make it explode after a set amount of time


Well what if you make a ton of buttons that you have to press in a specific order to defuse it?

Ok you could have (a repeater i think?) for the time and like @Billybanana said

i mean i need info on how to make it explode after a set amount of time i already know how to defuse it

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I honestly don’t know, im not much of a tech guy :confused:

Yea that could work
like this possibly

but a lot more complex

use a repeater to set the time from the start of the game that they have then make it activate the explosion

That’s a good example. @warangel0415 if this works make sure to mark a solution!

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do you think 7 minuets or 10 minuets is a reasonable time?

depends how hard you think the lock is, try using your friends to playtest

i would say so!

Make sure to mark a solution

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please look at the dates before you post