I need Thumbnail Ideas for my team deathmatch map

Can some one help me or give me ideas please?

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Can you show what your map looks like? It’s just for ideas.

A 1WO theme deathmatch, I could work with this.

One problem, there’s a code. :grimacing:

That’s kind of a problem. 1, people will flag that, 2, it’s against the rules.

I won’t flag you since it seemed like you didn’t know, but could you please edit the post to remove the code, or delete it please? Thanks!

This good??

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I can try to make one, but whats the name of the game?

Team [worborb]match V1.25

Alright, and do you want any gims in particular?

No. But its what you think is cool. Someone else is already making one as well.


delete that post it has a word that is not allowed (for some reason)

I censored it. :smile: :smiley: :smiley: RNTAS: JSkdvjisd1130398

u can do team ko match @MARX

Alright I finished:

I can make one! it will take a while though as I am currently helping someone else, and I am in school