I need thumbnail for one night at rex

i need the thumbnail to fit the thumbnail requirements for the publishing.
i want you to be creative and do whatever you want but freddy is chompz costume, and nightguard is day one skin

I’ll try to make it give me a sec

this good?
Screenshot 2024-05-16 11.06.03 AM

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its ok, can it fit on my thumbnail

I have no idea. <><>

it wont work
the image is not showing up

it’s in all files not custom is that a Chromebook also why SO MUCH NAZ GERMANY STUFF

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can you make it a jpeg also i was doing history research on ww2

Screenshot 2024-05-16 11.06.03 AM

I made it jpeg now but looks the same…

if you check new games in discovery your thumbnail will be there

it ain’t there I don’t see it.

search it up then it must be there

do you have a link delete after.

search up scratchblack

I see it. now it looks cool gotta play it