I need thumbnail for my horror game

Does anyone have art that I can use for my horror game, Iโ€™m not done, but better sooner than later :slight_smile:

i can make you one

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i can only do digital art tho

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what gims? where? background? other details?

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can u do something like this, but way cooler?Screenshot 2024-04-17 5.17.14 PM.png

soryy it dont work (the image)

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try this :slight_smile:

use the image button
Screenshot 2024-04-18 4.26.03 PM

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it helped!!!

so just the gim?

nothing else?

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uhhhhhhh try making the scene darker and worried vortex agent(billy) on the right and the gim in the middle

ok i made a quick rough draft to get to positioning of the gims right is this somewhat wut you want?

also can I ask whats the background and whats on the left?

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can u remove the name tag and make the agent be more further down, and make the scene all dark and spoooooooooooooooooooooky

( and nothing on the left )

could you be more specific about the background?

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the floor is spaceship corridor and can u add a light shining on the gim?

light from where?

top, left, right?

and also the walls what do you want that to be?

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the light from the top and pure darkness in the background

(but to where u can still see the agent)

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ok got it now one last question

when do you need it done?

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uhhhhhhh u can do it by next Friday or on your own time


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and oh yeah

dont add blood to your game, itโ€™ll get taken down