I need this to be explained

So everyone is saying that nobody should EVER use repeaters. Supposedly, they are memory-efficient, triggers can do the exact same thing the device can, but there have been no guides explaining HOW. And the Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping) :pinching_hand: guide doesn’t say anything about it, so…

:expressionless: Can someone please explain this to me?
I need to know how and why… :no_mouth:

A trigger that triggers itself with a certain delay is an answer.

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So the part where it says it delays before taking an action is like the repeater?

Yes, it’s like the cool down.

Another example is wire repeaters that sends a message to another wire repeater with a “cool down” (delay), and that wire repeaters sends a message to the original one.

One → Two, Two → One.

Wait, so how is it a cool down?
Does that mean after it triggers? I want it to wait before it triggers.

Hm. Okay, let me test it out.
To see what you mean.
Thanks for helping me, by the way, @mysz.

So once something triggers the trigger, it waits [cool down] seconds before triggering. After it triggers, it triggers itself again via an infinite channel broadcast, but that trigger is delayed by the delay too. So, you have a trigger triggering every [cool down] seconds which is essentially a fully functional repeater. The thing with triggers is that their cool down can go to the hundredths place and be <0.5, unlike repeaters.

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:thinking: ohh yea…

Ohh! Why didn’t I think of that before!
:bookmark_tabs: I’m bookmarking that and marking a :white_check_mark: solution!
:grin: Thanks for helping me out on that one!

So this can make an infinite loop?

Yes, that’s the point. You can perfectly replicate a repeater for 99% of uses with a trigger. It runs until you deactivate it too, so it does continue forever.



If you want to turn it off like a repeater then you can disable the trigger to stop it

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