I need suggestions for a really good map

I am bored of not making any new maps in a few days, and i have run out of ideas on what to create. So I need a few ideas on what to make for a new map.

yooo hey @WolfTechnology I think a battle royal kinda map will be cool

Maybe an open world or car game?

So if I take both of your ideas, I would make a Fortnite style Gimkit Game, Gimnite?

How about a tyccon game, a clicker game, a racing game or something like a open world.

Gimnite sounds good!

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that will be cool. I wonder how many kids are screaming about it.

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Ok so I will do that then, Gimnite it is! also because I took two answers as my solution I can’t mark just one. But the solution goes to both @Gizmo2.0 and @getrithekd.

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