I need someone to please make me a thumbnail

can someone please make me a thumbnail for my game mode

what is it about?

First of all… Welcome!!! Enjoy your time! To have someone make a thumbnail, we would need more details such as the title part of the plot and if you want your gim or other collaborators gims in it.

it a FFA dungeon that in outer space

sooooooo, like planets and stuff?

can you please specify what the game is and what it is about? @Random_dude123 Thumbnail request.

the gims i would like in it is a bonsy and mummy gim that are chasing a disco ball gim down a dark hallway

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I’ll try to get one going as soon as I can.

and of course it shows the planets and stars out side of the walls here i have a screen shot of part of the map

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dude, I wish I could help but like that is hard for ME to make (not trying to hurt your feelings)

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its ok if it not possible or you cant do it i don’t mind trying to think of something simpler

Nah, I’ll do it. You don’t need it simplified. Title of Game?

ok thanks dude im realy terible at art

What’s the title of the game?

the title is Galactic Dungeon FFA (sorry im in school so it will take a bit for me to respond)

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Is The Galactic Dungeon Big?

Thanks for tagging me.

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um yea i laterally had no more room to put down walls like 2500/2500 walls so i remodeled the mapp and still capped out

the map is pretty big and in some sections i had to delete walls and put teleport traps in those places instead