I need some suggestions

I’m making a robot vs. plant kind of game called “Mechanical Vs. Botanical” (still working on the name), I need some ideas for the layout and for the background terrain, so far I have this;

What if you make the lobby look like its in a space ship?


Come up with a short story or plot for your map, as that can help in designing it. From what I see, it seems like plants and robots have taken over the world. With that in mind, you could have some “human” aspects like desks, computers, etc but make it seem as though they have either been abandoned or replaced. You’ve already captured the general theme for each team.

It would also be cool to have “prisoners of war,” so passive robot sentries are wrapped in vines and passive plant sentries are locked in a test chamber.

Also, you should make the text have a different voice depending on its team. For the plants, it should seem deranged and more organic. For the robots, make it seem stiff and well, robotic while still being threatening.

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What if you add the occasional computer or keycard scanning thing in bits of lore, like how the world came to be this way.

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yeah like in my fishtopia+one way out+farmchain (Into The Gimverse) I had a lot of lore like where to find hidden things and like day by day notes for what happened

Make the GiMatix…