I need some serious help again XD

It gives you raspberries?

Are you familiar with blocks?

Oh Wiat my bad mistake lol my mind is so fogged up i meant it takes the blueberries and gives me the gold keycard but leaves me still with the two raspberries which is like making cake and it tastes sweet w/o putting a sweetner if you catch my drift lol

Uh yeah I’ve dabbled in it but I’m def not a pro

Oh… well if it’s working anyways, nevermind.

it’s not working correctly it takes one part of the “recipe” and leaves the next half but gives me my craft which is the gold keycard

Give me a screenshot of your device system.

Uhm my what? What exactly is that…

Give me a screenshot of the devices you used to create this “vending machine crafting combo”.

OH Lol ok cool i will

Hey @mysz, do item granters accept blocks?

Yes, they accept “When Item Granted” “When receiving on channel…” and “On wire pulse”.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 101543
ugh this is so frustrating all i wanna do is finish this map b4 mah friend’s bday for him smh feels like after one issue comes another

maybe i could ping @Cryptoraider_Gemkit for him to help

I feel like blocks might be a little easier…

Make it so that one of the vending machines (any one of them) grants a golden keycard on purchase. Also give me the vending machine settings.

Never thought I’d say that.

They don’t use the forums too much.

yeah but i dont want just because of ONE vending machine i get it

Think about it like this. The check MUST pass if you already have enough for both vending machines, so getting it from one is sufficient.