I need some serious help again XD

So Basically I have this crafting for a golden keycard i followed ALL the steps in the crafting guide but doesn’t work. My System is with blueberries and raspberries when i mess around it’s only one of the two being taken which is not allowing me to get the card :frowning:

Use checkers to make sure you have both items. You know how to do that?

yeah that’s in the crafting thing so there’s two checks for both but it still doesnt work

check the crafting tutorial and that’s exactly how i did everything except with raspberry and blueberries

Is it an and gate?

Make it so that the checker runs two checks, for both items, and both checks MUST pass, and then you can purchase from two vending machines.

OH! Ok I will try this

still nothing it doesnt even take on now :frowning:

What are your checks? Can you provide screenshots?

Oki doki i will show you

wait a little help with smth else b4 why are my wires not working?? Like I cannot click on it or erase it

That’s a well known bug from the new update.

Oh wow when will they fix this it’s annoying lol

When I receive Channel1:


Get property


Greater Than



Get property


Greater Than



Broadcast on channel


That’s hooked up to an item granter

Uhm I’m a rookie lol that’s confusing

Screenshot 2023-09-04 095844
Screenshot 2023-09-04 095828

Ah, it should be greater than 0? Correct me if I’m wrong (my first time in my ENTIRE life using that phrase haha).

lololol Ok I will try greater than 0

it works! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

wait no actually it doesnt work this is so weird it just takes the blueberries and gives me the raspberries