I need some quick help

So I’m making a hunger bar, and basically I’m using an inventory item manager. I want to make it so that when its max, it won’t drop on the ground, but I don’t want them to have more than 100. I also want other items to be able to be dropped in the zone without despawning, so I can’t use zones. Anyway I can do this? If not I can redo a hunger bar tutorial.

I’m gonna respond back in a few minutes, maybe 10.

I’m confused on what you’re asking. Are you saying you want to know how to only make one item decay?

Use the inventory item manager to limit the amount of an item. Set the maximum number as 100. Once you do this, you need to set the overflow method as delete.

Ok. Then after I can just give them 100 energy after on Death.

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post minimum

wait NVM… sorry, but I messed up. I need to stop it go over. Because when it goes over, it drops on the ground. But I think I can find out. I’ll mark you solution.

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