I need some lab ideas

On the space map… I have this:

( My friend is helping me… )
But… we are lost… what else can I put in there?

Perhaps you should use terrain layers. The walls in particular hurt my eyes.

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table. first pic

chair both

printer both

computer both

key card scanner or whatever u call it in owo both

door. both

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That’s sad… :frowning:

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nah I got it I can fix that.

edit: fixed.

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Anymore ideas? If not, I can mark a solution.

Add a sofa to a corner.

have water puddles (dirt, blue, 0.3 alpha)
have chemical puddles (dirt, whatever, 1.00 alpha)
broken glass, (maybe an explos*on hit the lab)
hazard sign: these make labs in general look more cool (Idk what else to say than cool)
If you could make a computer that had a few Lab notes that would be cool:

attempt 06, Plant Growth
by: Dr. Sphere (Vortex Physicist), Dr. Johnson (Echo Biologist), Unknown*

*… someone has been leaving notes in our lab, we don’t know who, the lab security camera seems to be turned the wrong way every time he is in the lab. Something fishy is going on, but his tips have been helpful so far
–Dr. Luther Johnson

This collaboration has been working out for both sides, we are sharing our scientific knowledge and we are close to making a breakthrough, this “teaming up” however, has not been without its problems. The rivalry between the Vortex and Echo is starting to turn us against each other. Dr. Johnson (Echo) claims Dr. Spere (Vortex) had not been giving him his best ideas and was trying to sabotage the project, and also made an off-topic statement about his name [how ridiculous, sphere, Dr Johnson December 20th]
–Vortex Lab Assistant

The note left on our lab table said that we were using water wrong, we then decided that we could try to feed the plants with a different form of H20, Vapor. Plants have used water to grow for as long as the earth itself, but the special* conditions of our lab have made growing the plants quite difficult, My hypothesis:
If we use Vapor to feed the plants, then it will grow successfully.
–Dr. Sphere (Vortex)

After conducting the experiment the scientists have been pacing the lab floor for 28 days now, we have the plants have still not grown. I have concluded 4 possible ways how this could happen: Sabotage by an inside party, sabotage by 3rd party, there is a different problem, or they misunderstood the note. Tensions are high between Dr. Johnson and Dr. Sphere both suspect Foul play. Although it is not their best guess, they have both brought it up vaguely. Another possibility I have observed if the person who left the note did not have good intentions. The last 2 times we received notes, it worked immediately, what if this time the note was a distraction? One very likely conclusion is that there is a different problem: They figured it out with the vapor (they are scientists) but there is another variable that isn’t accounted for. Finally, the “dark horse” of my hypothesis, they misunderstood the note. The note which was found in Dr. Johnson’s drawer was not signed and is possibly not even from the person who used to leave them notes. We have no way of identifying the “note-giver” may have written in a style the Doctors didn’t understand and they misinterpreted the note.
–Echo Lab Assistant

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How long did it take you to type that? That is incredible!

hehe about 15 minutes

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I guess I think I found my solution! That is incredible thank you!

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