I need some ideas please

I am making a game where you go on all these quests to get to a beach where you find and dig up the treasure! but I cant think of any ideas for some of the quests, please, I would love to know.

An old man lost his [insert item here], and he’ll pay you to get it back.


he lost his cane

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… um ok, if that was possible

very very interesting idea…

dog steals locals things

What about you use a fishtopia RNG system for the digs? 60ish% chance of digging it up, 40% chance of failure.

uhhhh, I feel like these ideas are a little off topic…

but im not stoping you.

Do you know how to make the dig system?

nope, not at all. never tried it.


  • Farmer wants you to flip over his hay to dry it
  • Old man wants you to weed his dead wife’s garden (Too sad to go in there)
  • Mayor want’s you to put up posters for reelection
  • Help Old man2 buy his wife a birthday present (Too lazy to leave the house)
  • Help dog find his bone
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also im making another game kinda like find the markers. do you know how to insert pictures into text to make it look like pictures.

Do you know how you want it to work?

which thing are we talking about?

The digging system.

ok then, then I have no idea.

do you know how to insert pictures into text tho?

pixel art is the best you could do

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