I need some ideas for my map!

I currently have a space-themed map, and its pretty much a hide n seek game. I’m adding power-ups to the game, but I don’t know what type of power-ups I should add. Does anyone have ideas? (P.S. they don’t have to be power-ups exactly, but events or ways people can mess up others)

bump because idk if anyone saw this

i also dont know how bumps really work so lol



temp immunity, so teleported somewhere else for a bit, also phase thru walls, which allows access to secret passages that the person cant access (if u use this make sure you can still leave the passages once it runs out, but cant get in)

op weapon

Maybe you could add walls being put up to represent the map closing in so there’s more tension, idk

Some really cool things that you can add to a space map would be emojis of some planets or some stars or the Milky Way or something! :first_quarter_moon: :star: :star2: :milky_way: to give it the extra thoroughly you can make the terrain moving space! Another really cool thing you can make some custom space items with the stars and things like that like make a whole entire ring or something… You can also make some things with the moons you can put the different phases or the sides of the earth if you wanted.

Good idea, I hope they use it.

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A power up that activates a whole secret area that only people with the power up and the seeker can access.

maybe a power up that makes you go fast?

You could use the item image device and the speed modifier come and made it look like a pop-up thing that shows a power up that you can actually get or something like that… That would be awesome :ok_hand:

thank you all for the ideas

i may use some of them but some dont work for my map unfortunately

Which ones? (I/the other people whose ideas dont work could probably modify them so they do)

well some of them werent even power-up ideas, but things like strength wont work because its not a pvp map

maybe you can add a vent, and the vent is connected to a button that is called open vent, when you click the button you get granted a speed boost and a popup says, “You feel more energetic now…”

Freeze: teleports seeker into barrier room for however many seconds
Warp: Teleport to some random place in-map (can be used by seeker/hiders)
Reverse: Change hider to seeker for however long (uber-rare, once per game type thing)
Invincibility: Remove seekers tag abilities (toned down reverse)
Barricade: In certain rooms, spawn laser trap that lasts static for a bit, and then begins flicker pattern (relay to laser manager)