I need some ideas for a map and a name

Can someone help me with some ideas for a map? I really wanna not mess up on my other map this time so its up to the gimkit community so here you go!

ok, so what theme do you want?(And Welcome to the forums)

Something fun like maybe an escape game? Do you have any names so i can think what it would be about and thanks.

yeah, okay, how about this names ?

  • bossfight
  • mega escape
  • prision escape
  • escape the dead
  • Ultimate Gimnite
  • hide and seek
  • The Kings Fight
  • Boss Vs. Gim
  • Mystery Gim

Escape the dead sounds amazing thanks so much for the recommendations!

no problem , and welcome to the forums

Search up idea-catalog and you should find a lot of stuff

You could do a last man standing game, and speaking of that, does anyone know how to make it so when there is one person left, the game ends?

Anyways thanks so much and i guess this is gonna be the place where i look for recommendations for my time on gimkit Lol.

(its great, that you are going to stay)okay, now if you find any solution you are looking for mark the message(any message) as a solution

Ok, sounds good. I will now go make my Gimkit so adios!

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