I need some help with channels

I’m making it so every chest with a button transmit to a trigger, but I wanna use channels. I don’t think it’s possible, because the best I got is wires, which means an extra 20 memory on top of 50 for a button, making 70 memory a chest. I wanna lower that. Any ideas?

If it’s not possible, I’ll just mark myself as solution.

Why can’t you use channels?

Because like, I have to transmit a trigger to it. (not efficient)

I’m making it so it hides the chest after used, and deactivating the button. So that means it has to be different for each one.

okay wuts up… why aren’t u using channels?

Well is memory a pressing issue? if not I wouldn’t worry about it. look at this:

this is only a small part of my game-in-progress and it’s wire and popup overload, but my memory is still under 60%.

but then I don’t want a trigger to convert each channel, so I have to do wires. Or is wires the only solution?

Just wondering cause memory is everything, already like 20% memory and im at grand Glacier only…

memory is everything. I had to quit a map cause memory, so I don’t wanna do it again. Plus I told my friends I would be making this, so not trying to let them down.

You could use seperate channels.

Yes, but I have one main trigger randomizing it all, the loot.

Separate channels is inefficient, cause it has to all go to one trigger. A trigger cant receive 2 dif channels.

actually 2 triggers. It randomized the chance for heals and ammo too.

uuuuuhhhh… Unless you use extra triggers to brocast different channels that run the code, it’s almost impossible, wires are your best bet. You can place 100 wires per percent, that’s 10,000 wires a map! (Not much, I know.) Maybe have not a lot of chests?

Cant. My map is like 100x100meters. But wires I guess.

this is marking myself solution, cause no one really answered my question and it wont count toward me. NVM IT IS.


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